A quick peek into the Healthy Eating and Living ( HEAL ) Group

The members of HEAL met recently to enjoy a light supper of soup and sandwiches. Our hostess prepared two lovely soups, a hearty Minestrone and a delightful Thai Shrimp soup. The guests provided an array of sandwiches to share ranging from the tired and true egg salad to the more adventurous peanut butter and bacon. After dinner we enjoyed a rousing game of GeoGuessr.

Wikipedia , describes GeoGuessr as a web-based geographic discovery game. It was fun, it was challenging and we while we guessed wrong a few times some of our members were simply awesome in their ability to place the pin amazingly close to the correct locations. I mean these were random locations located through Europe and Canada. Wow


Ever Wonder What Goes On When Our Creative Writing Group Meets

The transcript below comes to us complements of Susan Evans Shaw and our Creative Writing Group.

“…The incident took place as described. Mention in the story excerpt, which I read at our meeting, of Yorkshire pudding being served before every meal, prompted disbelief. To settle the matter, I sent a query to the Dales Family History Society chat list to which I belong. As replies to my query came in, I forwarded them to the seven members of our writing group. Everyone became completely engaged by the many ways respondents described of serving Yorkshire pudding.”

The Great Yorkshire Pudding Debate


Meet Award Winning Canadian Author Helen Humphreys on March 16, 2015

For tickets to meet award winning Canadian author Helen Humphreys and listen to her read from and discuss her most recent novel please visit us at Eventbrite


Helen Humphrey’s is celebrated Canadian poet and novelist. She was born in Kingston-on-Thames England and currently lives in Kingston Ontario. For more information about the author please visit her web site www.hhumphreys.com