Helping In Our Community

There was some discussion at the January meeting about how we can help the Syrian refugees coming to Hamilton. CFUW-Hamilton is not in a position to take on sponsorship of a family but there was interest in helping. So after a bit of research we are forwarding the following information on to our members who wish to become involved.

Locally the Wesley Center is coordinating efforts in Hamilton. Their contact information can be found on their web site at

We also understand from last week’s Spectator article Mental Health Funding for Refugee Children that an organization called Thrive Child and Youth Trauma Services is the local organization that is responsible for providing mental health care to the Syrian refugee children. Their contact information can be found on their web site at and they too are looking for help from the public.

It is good to know that our membership continues to actively work toward making the VISION of CFUW a reality.

Save The Date

CFUW-Hamilton invites you to spend an evening with Canadian novelist

Marina Endicott

Thursday, April 14, 2016 @ 7:00 pm

Spectator Auditorium, 44 Frid St., Hamilton ON

Tickets $15.00

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 2.57.44 PM

Tickets can be purchased at our general meetings, from Bryan Prince Bookseller 905.528.4508 (cash only) or online from Eventbrite Tickets (includes a small service fee)


I thought I had figured out how to protect the directory information. It did not work so until I have figured out how to do this we will not be able to access the directory from the site.

Jan 19 “Music That Moves Us”

January 19, 2016

7:30 pm @1020 Upper James St., The Cresmont Building

Dr. Laurel Trainor, Director, McMaster Institute for Music and the Mind; Professor, Psychology, Neuroscience and Behavior, McMaster University

Dr. Trainor will discuss what children learn through exposure to music and how it shapes behavior.

You can take a peek at what McMaster’s Auditory Development Lab is working on at