Helping In Our Community

There was some discussion at the January meeting about how we can help the Syrian refugees coming to Hamilton. CFUW-Hamilton is not in a position to take on sponsorship of a family but there was interest in helping. So after a bit of research we are forwarding the following information on to our members whoContinue reading “Helping In Our Community”

Jan 19 “Music That Moves Us”

January 19, 2016 7:30 pm @1020 Upper James St., The Cresmont Building Dr. Laurel Trainor, Director, McMaster Institute for Music and the Mind; Professor, Psychology, Neuroscience and Behavior, McMaster University Dr. Trainor will discuss what children learn through exposure to music and how it shapes behavior. You can take a peek at what McMaster’s AuditoryContinue reading “Jan 19 “Music That Moves Us””