From the CFUW Club Action News Letter April 28 2021 ” …. One of CFUW’s most recent advocacy initiatives is to promote the rights and dignity of seniors in LTC facilities as well as the personal support workers ( PSW’s) and nurses who care for these vulnerable citizen…”

CFUW Town Hall Sessions – April 22 & April 24

Excerpt from the April 14th edition of CFUW National’s Club Action Newsletter CFUW Mediation Implementation Report Town Halls April 22 and April 24, 2021                                In our March 30, 2021 Club action newsletter, the reports from the Mediation Implementation Committee wereContinue reading “CFUW Town Hall Sessions – April 22 & April 24”

Membership Proposals for Consideration at the AGM

Excerpt from the April 9 , 2012 CFUW National Club Action Newsletter – Membership Proposals for Consideration at the AGM Member Proposals At the March CFUW Board Meeting, the board appointed an ad hoc committee to review member proposals to confirm that they do not conflict with CFUW governing documents and that they are inContinue reading “Membership Proposals for Consideration at the AGM”