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CFUW-Hamilton Welcomes New and Returning Members 

CFUW welcomes all women who support our goals.We have over 100 clubs across Canada with over 8,000 members. Approximately 5,000 members make up the CFUW membership in Ontario across 54 clubs.

Your membership will help to strengthen CFUW’s national voice on gender equality and human rights.

Enjoy friendship and fellowship with women with similar interests
Hear speakers on a wide range of topics
Participate in Interest Groups
Contribute to the community through scholarships and other projects
Discuss and advocate for important local, national and international issues

We are an organization that is entirely funded through our membership and dependent on our members lobbying their elected representatives at the local level, your participation can make a huge difference!

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Remembering Ursula Franklin

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne said in a statement:

“Franklin was pioneering academic who paved the way for generations of women to pursue their dreams of becoming scientists and academics.”

CFUW-Hamilton Member , Alison Healing ,has passed along the link to Dr. Franklin’s obituary from last week’s Globe and Mail.