About CFUW-Hamilton

CFUW-Hamilton Land Acknowledgment

CFUW–Hamilton acknowledges that the land on which we gather is the traditional territory shared between the Haudenosaunee confederacy and the Anishinaabe nations, which was acknowledged in the Dish with One Spoon wampum belt. That wampum uses the symbolism of a dish to represent the territory, and one spoon to represent that the people are to share the resources of the land and only take what they need. This territory is covered by the Upper Canada Treaties and is directly adjacent to Haldimand Treaty territory. 

CFUW Diversity Policy
  • CFUW values and seeks diversity in its membership and leadership positions.
  • CFUW works towards creating a culture of inclusion, where differences are respected, supported and valued.
  • There shall be no barriers to full participation in CFUW on the basis of race, creed, age, sexual orientation, national origin, disability or socioeconomic status.

CFUW-Hamilton is part of the National Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW) and Graduate Women International (GWI). CFUW is a non-partisan, voluntary, self-funded organization with clubs located across Canada. GWI is in international Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)empowering women and girls through access to quality lifelong education and training.

The CFUW-Hamilton Club has been part of Hamilton since 1925.

  • Promoting high standards of public education in Canada, advancing study and research by women, and a sound concept of lifelong learning
  • Advocating for the advancement of the status of women, human rights and the common good locally, nationally and internationally
  • Promoting cooperation, networking, support and understanding among women
  • Encouraging and enabling women to apply their knowledge and skills in leadership and decision taking in all aspects of the political, social, cultural, educational and scientific fields
  • Providing Post Secondary Scholarships, Gift and Prizes

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