Resolutions 2016

The CFUW 2016 Proposed Resolution package has been released. Our Action and Advocacy Committee is preparing to review the following proposed resolutions;

  1. Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls-Ending the Marginalization of Indigenous Women in Canadian Society
  2. Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder-Diagnosis, Intervention and Support Plan for children,adults and families affected by FASD
  3. Strengthening the Pest Management Regulatory Agency in Order to Protect the Environment
  4. Electoral Reform: Adding Proportionality to the Electoral System in Canada
  5. Sustainable Development Goals

For your review , you will find the complete Proposed Resolution Package on the link located at the bottom of this posting or on our Resolution 2016 page.

Please contact our Action and Advocacy Committee if you would like to help with the review process.

2015-2016 Proposed Resolutions for Amendment


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