Notice of Motion

There will be a motion made at the April 19 General Meeting of CFUW-Hamilton. The motions will be presented by the Scholarship Committee and were recommended by the Executive at the April 5 Executive meeting.

Moved that we increase the CFUW-Hamilton Award to Brock University from $500.00 to $1,000.00 effective May 2016.
Background: Since 2009 we have awarded $500.00 per year to a graduating student (preferably female) in the Faculty of Education, Pre-service teacher education at the Hamilton Campus. The successful recipient will demonstrate excellent potential in teaching and be involved in community affairs beyond the University.
Costs have increased considerably since 2009.


3 thoughts on “Notice of Motion

  1. It troubles me slightly that so much of the CFUW-Hamilton scholarship money is available only for study at Brock University and McMaster University. Would it not be possible to let the student decide which university she (or he) wishes to attend?

    1. Unfortunately there are so many rules and regulations governing how a scholarship or prize is given that we long ago seeded that responsibility to the post secondary institutions. Therefore we have to earmark our gifts to specific institutions.

  2. My apologies. I should have let you know that only the first motion (Brock) will be considered at this meeting. There is an error in the second as the 100th anniversary is actually in 2019. The executive will discuss what to do at the May executive meeting and we will present it at the AGM in May.


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