Public Lecture Series

CFUW Hamilton offers one the best public lecture series in the Hamilton area . Our amazing program committee consistently puts together a varied and stimulating series.Don’t forget to mark your calendars and join us.

October 18 :             Dropping into the Present Moment: How Mindfulness Skills Improve and Sustain Our Health & Wellbeing

Angie Kingma OT will provide us with an understanding of what mindfulness is (and what it isn’t!) and lead us through some introductory mindfulness practices. She will share the latest brain science, including how mindfulness stimulates neuroplasticity as well as a myriad of health benefits.

November 15:             British Home Children

Sandra Joyce is an author and vice president of British Home Children Group International. Ten per cent of Canadians are descendants of British Home Children. These children were sent from Great Britain to Canada between 1869 and 1939 to work as indentured farm workers and domestics. Sandra will talk about finding out that her father was one of these children and discovering her extended family at the Tower of London.

January 17:                   Feminism as the Blueprint for Achieving Disability Rights

Christopher Lytle is the Accessibility Coordinator with Brock University. His chief role is ensuring that the University is an inclusive, barrier free environment for learning and working. Chris’ talk will focus on the historical significance of feminism and its link to the disability rights movement.

February 21:                    All Those Things and More Than Their Sum: A History of Royal Botanical Gardens and its Landscape

David Galbraith PhD is the Head of Science at Royal Botanical Gardens. He will trace the story of RBG from the formation of the landscape in geological history through to millennia of occupancy and use by indigenous peoples through the sweeping changes of the 19th and 20th Century to arrive at today’s RBG.

April 18:             Having a wonderful time…wish you were here:  Early Hamilton Postcards

Murray Aikman is from the Head of the Lake Historical Society. He will give us a tour of early 20th Century Hamilton (Edwardian period) using a slideshow of authentic postcards of the era .


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