Notice of Motions

Scholarship Notice of Motion

This motion, which was approved at the March executive meeting, will be presented to the membership before the meeting on March 21st

Myrtle proposed two motions from the Scholarship Committee regarding the 100th anniversary of CFUW in 2019 and the Florence Martin bequest:

1. That CFUW Hamilton pledge a total of $5000 to be awarded in 2019 as a one-time award, $2500 locally and $2500 to the Charitable Trust.

2. That the CFUW Hamilton award $5,000 per year for two years beginning in 2017 to the McMaster Institute for Music and the Mind Live Lab Fund to support a Florence Martin Graduate Student Research Grant.


“Membership Convenor” motion was passed by the March executive meeting.

Moved that the title of “Membership Convenor”, Section B: Officers of the CFUW Hamilton Constitution, be changed to “Membership Development Convenor”.

Over the past two years, for simplicity and efficiency, the recording duties of Membership Convenor (numbering, flagging of new members, issuing of member cards) have moved into the Treasure’s portfolio. Duties such as member follow-up and new member support have become the main focus of the membership position. A change in title would reflect this, and allow the Executive to amend the Duties for this position accordingly.

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