Notice of Motion

As most of you know CFUW voted to remain in GWI at the national AGM last year. At the last GWI triennial in August of 2016 the members voted to approve a fee increase which has now come into effect. This increase results in an additional charge of C$ 8.40 per member, and is due to be paid to GWI by June 30, 2018. CFUW has asked that any contributions toward these fees be paid to them by April 30, 2018. Our national organization did not address an increase in national dues at the 2017 AGM and consequently there is a short term financial difficulty caused by this fee increase.

The CFUW-Hamilton executive has approved a motion to pay the additional $8.40 per member to CFUW as a show of support for GWI and to help alleviate this short term problem. As required by our constitution we are circulating to all of our members this notice of motion which will be discussed and voted on at our February 20 meeting at 7:00 pm at Sackville Hill Seniors Centre.

The motion reads as follows:
Moved that CFUW-Hamilton pay the additional fees due to GWI for 2018 of $8.40 per member ($571.20) from the general fund by the due date of April 30, 2018.

If you wish to vote on this motion, but you will not be able to attend the meeting on February 20 you may record a vote by emailing: Debbie Welland

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