Proposed Resolution – Right to Repair for Large Household Appliances

Today we are highlighting the resolution proposed by  CFUW Cape Breton – Right to Repair for Large Household Appliances.

RESOLVED, That the Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW) urge the Federal, Provincial, Territorial and Municipal governments to work together and create “right to repair” legislation, making the repair of large household appliances used in Canada easier, in an effort to reduce waste, greenhouse gas emissions, and create local jobs. 

All proposed resolutions will be reviewed and discussed at the March business meeting. Our Advocacy and Action Committee are reviewing them in detail and will report their findings at the meeting. 

We will then have an opportunity for an open discussion of the proposals. Finally, we will take a vote to determine if CFUW Hamilton is in favor of supporting these proposals, rejecting them, or perhaps supporting them with some minor changes. Once accepted at the National AGM they become part of CFUW policy.

Please join us via Zoom Tuesday, March 16th for this lively discussion. Your voice and your vote matter.

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