From the Club Action Newsletter March 30, 2021

President’s Message and Mediation Implementation Committee
Today, the Board is happy to share the report from the Mediation Implementation Committee (click here). The report from the Mediation Group was received just prior to the AGM in June 2020 and a decision was made to leave the implementation to the incoming Board.  It was evident that there was much work that needed to be done and it was divided among the various committees of the board and we also created a new communication committee under the leadership of the VP Quebec, Judy Hopps. I’d like to thank everyone who has been part of this initiative but will avoid trying to thank everyone by name or I risk being like the Oscar winner who forgets to thank her mother so I would like to thank the Chairs and members of the Articles and Bylaws, International Relations and Communication Committee, National Office and the members of the Board for their input and suggestions. Some of you may have questions about the report and especially how the work has evolved to meet the changing reality of CFUW: declining membership, the pandemic and virtual operations. We hope this report reflects those changes and taken together with the strategic plan which will be released within the next month will take us forward as an organization. We may be smaller than we were but we are educated, knowledgeable women who can make a difference in the lives of women and girls in Canada and abroad.  We will be holding two Townhall meetings on April 22 (register here) and April 24 (register here) to allow members an opportunity to discuss the report and to ask questions. Finally, I would like to thank Barb DuMoulin, VP British Columbia and Acting President and Joy Hurst, VP international for chairing the Mediation Report Implementation Committee and for pulling all the parts of this report together. 

Spring has always been my favourite season as the world seems to come back to life after winter and the days get longer, the sun is warmer and new growth begins to peek through the ground. I’d like think that CFUW is also emerging into a new stage in its existence. There are many exciting things happening:We just sent our largest delegation to UN-CSW and presented two parallel events, one with our partners in CAMEUS (Mexican Federation of University Women, WG-USA and CFUW)CFUW has received a Federal Grant to provide Pay Equity Workshops at selected Canadian UniversitiesMay 4 will be the first Action Day for Elder Care and Long Term Care organised by the EL and LTC Study GroupOur Advocacy is strong and receiving attention and can be checked on our Score Card. Click here.Membership is vital for the sustainability of our organisation and in this newsletter is a link to a new initiative to connect with our members in the 20-40 and 41-60 age range.   We know there are very few members in those age groups so we want to know what brought them to CFUW and what is important for them as we seek to expand our membership both in numbers and in diversity. See note below.This is just a selection of what is happening and we know that Clubs across the country are also active with their own projects, fundraising and activities. I look forward to meeting with some of you at the Townhalls.

Be well and keep safe.

Kathryn Wilkinson

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