GWI Report – International Projects and Programs

Graduate Women International Projects and Programs

An excerpt from the Winter Edition of the CFUW Hamilton Happenings – Report by D. Welland

Recently GWI (our international affiliate) published its 2020 Annual Report. Due to the COVID Pandemic the report was delayed and slightly more brief than usual. However in spite of the disruption caused by the virus, much was accomplished.

Part of our annual dues are paid to GWI and help to fund the following projects and programs:

  1. The head office of GWI is located in Geneva and as a result they received three-year funding to continue the Teachers for Rural Futures program. This program offers monetary support and advice to young African women who wish to pursue a career in teaching. In turn these young women mentor other women and encourage them to pur- sue their dreams.
  2. The 2020 Bina Roy Partners in Development project aided over 1200 women and girls in six countries around the world to promote leadership and lifelong learning.
  3. The GWI Girls Education for Brighter Futures fundraising program was opened and will be developing and managing advocacy projects on the rights of women and girls.
  4. The first five participants in Teachers for Rural Futures graduated. Four new young women will soon be joining the program.
  5. The Hegg Hoffet Fund for Displaced Women is currently reviewing twenty-six applications from Sudan, Afghanistan, and Eritrea to select the next participants.

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