Dialogue Sessions Documents: Part 2

Below you will find the second installment of information from CFUW National concerning the Dialogue Session conducted in January of this year. The correspondence includes links to documents on History, International Relations, Benefits of Membership, Reserves and Member Proposals. A third and final installment will be released later this week.

February 24, 2021                                             

In this newsletter you will find the second installment of FAQs from the Dialogue Sessions: HistoryInternational RelationsBenefits of MembershipReserves, Member Proposals. The third and final installment will be released at the end of the week; exchange rate, finance, surplus, and governance.  I trust that the information is helpful in answering some of your questions but I would also like to clarify a couple of issues that have arisen from the newsletter sent out on Friday, February 19. Before the ink had even dried (or whatever the equivalent is in electronic communication), the National Office was being asked to answer questions about dual membership and specifically about voting rights. The advice given in the previous newsletter that a dual member may vote at any club to which she belongs is correct and if you would like a detailed explanation as to why, click here.  

I’d also like to clarify where and how we get our advice. First of all, we have our CFUW ED, Robin Jackson, who has an incredible knowledge of CFUW and an amazing facility for remembering facts or knowing where to find them.  We also have a parliamentarian and this is Beth Haynes. Our parliamentary authority is Roberts Rules and Roberts Rules indicates that while the board must authorize fees for parliamentary services, the president appoints the parliamentarian and must be free to make her choice. When I became President in June, I asked Beth to be parliamentarian for the 2020-2022 Board.  I had already worked with Beth on the 2018-2020 Board and had every confidence in continuing to work with her. Beth is a Professional Registered Parliamentarian (PRP) with the National Association of Parliamentarians.  This is a rigorous credentialing process, and a parliamentarian is required to maintain this certification through practical experience and recurrent training.  She also has access to a network of fellow parliamentarians that she may consult. 

The Board welcomes questions and suggestions and there is a wealth of knowledge in our organization but we have to have an ultimate authority and in CFUW we have agreed to be governed by Roberts Rules when legislation and the CFUW governing documents are silent.

Take care and keep safe and please continue to share your activities with National.

Kathryn Wilkinson: National President

Beth Haynes: Parliamentarian

Heather Oxman: Dialogue Facilitator

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