Dialogue Sessions Documents: Part 3

Below you will find the third and final installment of information from CFUW National concerning the Dialogue Session conducted in January of this year. The correspondence includes links to documents on GWI Membership, One Class of Members, Exchange Rates, Governance, Surpluses and GWI Finance.

March 2, 2021                                            

Today, we are publishing the final FAQs from the Dialogue Sessions. This includes:GWI MembershipOne Class of MembersExchange RatesGovernanceSurplusesand GWI Finance. Hopefully, by this time your questions have been answered but please do not hesitate to ask for further clarification or an explanation if questions remain unanswered. There is one correction to be made to the FAQ published Wednesday, February 24. In Proposals, it says that motions are due by March 20, 2022. This should be March 20, 2021.

The MOU Oversight Committee continues to meet with GWI. Despite the difficult decisions that have been made, CFUW and GWI meetings are collaborative and respectful and our most recent meeting included a further discussion of the implications of the Board decision made in December 2020 to allow Clubs to elect whether to be counted in the GWI per capita dues calculation. We have committed to keep GWI informed of the numbers electing to be counted for the per capita dues as both GWI and CFUW are preparing budgets for the upcoming fiscal year.

Finally, I’d like to thank everyone who has assisted with the FAQs and with the Dialogue Sessions but I’m not going to try to name everyone or I will inevitably forget someone but a special thanks must go to our Dialogue Facilitator, Heather Oxman and our parliamentarian, Beth Haynes.

Thank you again for your patience. There were fifty pages of chat after the Dialogue and I hope you agree that we have managed to condense them into a manageable and hopefully easily understandable format.

Be safe.

Kathryn Wilkinson: National President

Beth Haynes: Parliamentarian

Heather Oxman: Dialogue Facilitator

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